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The Diaries of Adam and Eve
Our Price: $4.95


Long before the arrival of the serpent, conflict enters the Garden of Eden as Adam and Eve discover in each other a source of continual irritation. Through the light of their diaries, we learn of their halting progression from grudging adversaries to eventual partners. The Diaries of Adam and Eve is one of Mark Twain’s finest displays of wit and wisdom. A must-read for couples both young and old, it is a penetrating insight into the complex nature of the relationship between man and woman and of the forces which both repel and draw them together.

A Christmas Carol
Our Price: $5.95

Embittered by life, Ebenezer Scrooge finds refuge in lonely isolation from society and from his past. Yet his well-patterned life is shattered in a single night of nostalgia, regret, and grim foreboding. A Christmas classic, Charles Dickens' hopeful tale of innocence and rebirth continues to inspire readers the world over. This new edition features an original foreword by Ashley Carlson, PhD. Dr. Carlson is currently on faculty at the University of New Mexico, where she teaches English composition and literature.
Our Price: $7.95

Blind to the pitfalls of romance, Emma plays matchmaker for her friend Harriet. Yet she is unprepared to discover that fate has other plans for Harriet... as well as for Emma herself. A Jane Austen favorite, Emma is an intriguiging tale of the perils that come with interfering with matters of the heart.
Pride and Prejudice
Our Price: $7.95

Propriety and convention serve as the backdrop for an engaging duel between the independent Elizabeth Bennet and the haughty Mr. Darcy. Yet having exhausted their reserves of acerbic wit and social intrigue, they discover that love, in fact, recognizes no arbitrary bounds. Jane Austen's most popular work, Pride and Prejudice continues to fascinate readers with its penetrating insight into the complex relationship between man, woman, and social convention.
The Invisible Man
Our Price: $7.95

On a windswept night, a mysterious stranger arrives in a small English village seeking seclusion and the peace to continue his academic pursuits. Yet a dawning recognition grows within him that scientific enlightenment has come at a horrific cost. H. G. Wells' suspense-filled The Invisible Man remains a science fiction classic famous not just for its element of individual hubris but also for its uncomfortable glimpse into mankind's dark nature.
Our Price: $7.95

A new scientific dawn is ushered in as Dr. Frankenstein welcomes his undead creation to life. Yet his triumph turns to dread as he recognizes that he has unleashed a being with passions and abilities far beyond his power to restrain. Created on a dare, Mary Shelley's debut novel Frankenstein remains a bedrock forerunner of the science fiction genre and a cautionary tale in a world of accelerating scientific advance.
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Our Price: $7.95

Terror stalks the Devonshire moors as a long-forgotten horror reawakens to haunt the last remaining heir of Baskerville Manor. Widely considered to be Conan Doyle’s finest work, The Hound of the Baskervilles features the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful colleague Dr. Watson as they grapple with a mysterious power from the unseen world. This edition from Finisterra Books features original illustrations by Sidney Paget as first featured in the Strand Magazine.
Treasure Island
Our Price: $7.95

The lure of hidden treasure draws young Jim Hawkins from his secure surroundings to seek an exotic life of travel and adventure. Yet as he comes to a realization of his perilous situation, he finds he must rely on his wits and luck to survive, and that to become a man, he must answer the calls of competing loyalties. Robert Louis Stevenson's most endearing novel, Treasure Island is a gripping tale of greed, danger, and adventure on the high seas.
Grimm's Fairy Tales
Our Price: $7.95

Finisterra Books presents the bicentenary edition of the classic work by the Brothers Grimm. This paperback selection presents original black-and-white illustrations by Arthur Rackham as depicted in the 1909 edition featuring his work.